The exhibition of rarities Belarus in my heart from Piotr Kravchenko’s collection

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19 October

On 18 October at 5 p.m. the exhibition of rarities Belarus in my heart from Piotr Kravchenko’s collection was opened in the senator hall of the New Castle.

Piotr Kravchenko is a former foreign minister of the Republic of Belarus (1900–1994), a well-known Belarusian diplomat, public man and scientist. Piotr Kravchenko is famous not only as a politician and a statesman, but also as a collector of rarities connected with the history of Belarus.

One of the central places of the collection is taken by photos of Teofil Eugeniusz Boretti of the late 19th century which depict the views of Niesviž and places connected with A.Mitskievich. The exposition presents 17th c. engravings by Dominicus Custos showing representatives of the Radzivill family and King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Stefan Batory.

The objects connected with the Hrodna region are of a special interest. They include the first photo of Hrodna made in 1861 by Anton Rohrbach, ingravings dipicting Hrodna, and books printed in our town. Outstanding exhibits connected with Eliza Ozheshko include a photo with her autograph and a book of poems devoted to the writer. The exhibition also presents a book of a famous Belarusian-Russian-Lithuanian scientist of 17th c. and a pioneer in ballistics Kazimir Siemienovich.

The exhibition is open daily 10:00 to 18:00 (except Mondays and public holidays). Ticket office open until 17:30.

tel. (+375 152) 71-86-83; (+375 152) 71-86-88


pupils – 1.00 BYN

university students, pensioners – 1.50 BYN

other visitors – 2.00 BYN